Pluck, wax, relax.

Once a month I’m guaranteed 20 minutes of peace and relaxation, on my esthetician’s treatment bed.  I didn’t want to go to my appointment today, simply because I didn’t want a commitment the last weekend of my winter break, but it is always so damn good to go.

People don’t think of waxing and plucking as relaxing, but at Lindsey’s it is.  The space is one room, a curtain separates the treatment area from a little seating area with product displays.  Lindsey’s space smells like fresh air, mixed with the essential oils she uses.  The building is surrounded by trees and greenery, so filtered light comes through, and she has a lamp in the treatment area, so the light is perfect.  The window air conditioning unit is always running, the hum drowns out the sounds of the other business in the building, and she always has on calming instrumental music.   The treatment bed has a full length heated water pad, which is covered with terry cloth.  I take off my shoes, climb onto the bed, sink in, and she covers me with a cotton blanket.  Ahhhhh…..

For the next twenty minutes she dyes my brows, waxes and shapes, does a pluck here and there, and massages my face with essential oils.  I sometimes take a little nap, and I always relax and am mindful of how good I feel at that moment

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