They always believe

A gift I have is my ability to say something funny, or a lie story, or something sarcastic, with a straight face at my normal tone of voice.  I call it a gift.  I really like the stories I tell.  Not lies, stories.

If you live in Texas, especially Houston, you know who J.J. Watt is, or at least have heard his name.  Unless you don’t have T.V., radio, friends, a job, or conversations with someone other than your cat.

Today our office secretary, Ms. C, was showing me a picture of J.J. Watt.   I said, “Who’s J.J. Watt?”

She asked, “You don’t know who J.J. Watt is?”

“No.  I’ve never heard of him.”

Our school social worker, Mr. G, a rotund and loud man, ran out of his office, “Ms. A (me), you don’t know who J.J. Watt is?  How could you not?  He plays football for the Houston Texans.”

I looked at him, quizzically, and said, “I thought the Texans is the basketball team.”

Every face was blank, they didn’t know what to say.

Seriously people?  I do have conversations with real people, not just with my cats.

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2 Responses to They always believe

  1. Avery Rose says:

    hehe book lover problems. I wind up missing the whole world most of the time. I’m more surprised that other people don’t know my favorite book characters.

  2. Avery Rose, I’ll definitely be looking to you for book ideas.

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