Teachable Moment


I taught for several years.  I taught in a high school where kids didn’t have a lot of self-control, so controlling the classroom was a constant battle.  Even when I had a good relationship with the class, and it was pretty calm, we had more difficult days. When I get frustrated, I close my eyes, take a deep breath, try to collect myself, and not lash out.

One day I was taking a lot of deep breaths.  The kids would not stop talking.  During one of those moments I heard a boy whisper, “Shhh. Leave her alone. She’s about to explode.”

My eyes popped open, my head up straight, I put on what my nephew calls “the teacher look”, and eyeballed the students, to figure out who the boy was.

Kids kept talking.

Shut up!  Ugh!

Again, the boy told them to be quiet.

He was one of the really sweet kids on the 2nd row.  I questioned why he would say that.  What would make him think I was about to explode? I am, after all, incredibly patient and don’t show my frustration.  That’s why I breathe deeply and close my eyes.  I maintain my cool, and don’t let on that I want to wring someones neck.  At least, that’s what I tell myself.

The boy answered, very matter of fact, “Because you’re on your period.”

Huh? What? What would make this boy think I was on my period?  Granted, I was a little grumpy, but my period?  I thought, “Ass! Assuming any woman in a bad mood is on her period.  Ass!”  But, instead, I asked him why he would say that.

He replied, “Miss, I have a mom and three sisters.  I’m the only male in the house.  I have figured out how to keep track, and when to stay quiet, so I can stay out of trouble.  It’s your time.”

Gotta hand it to the kid, he was close, but I had PMS, was not on my period.  That was my teachable moment of the day, the difference between the two.

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