What a day

I went to work at 6:40 this morning to get copies made for my advisory classes this morning.  Not just one class, of 25/30 kids, my 9th grade class, of 730 kids.  I got everything ready, separated, office assistants could deliver them.  I got two new students today, was getting their schedules done, being interrupted constantly.  An autistic boy came in, wanted to talk, I sent him away.  One of my favorite girls needed to talk, I sent her away.  I had to get these schedules done.  Then, I heard chaos in the main office.

One of my students had been in a fight.  I had no idea what happened, she just showed up.  Her eye was completely messed up, clumps of her hair was falling out.  She was on the phone and crying.  She had been in a fight in the classroom.  I had no idea what happened.  Where was the teacher?  How did she just show up?  I had her come to my office, got her some ice, and calmed her down.  She eventually started to write her statement, taking breaks to ice her eye.

My assistant principal had to meet with another parent, so I told her I could handle this student, and her mother when she came to pick her up.

Wow, I had no idea.

Mom, clad in her pink with purple heart pajamas, came in with guns blazing.  I’m pretty good at diffusing, yesterday I calmed down a pretty hard-core boy, gang member, who was punching the wall. But this mom…. maybe not. I managed to get her into my 8×8 foot office, the first thing she said to me was, “What the hell kind of school is this?  Where is the girl who jumped my daughter?  I need to talk to her!”

I replied, “No, ma’am, you won’t be talking to the other girl.”

“Where is she?  Why isn’t she getting punished?  Is she just walking around this school not in trouble?  But my daughter’s eye is fucked up!  I want to talk to her!”

At this point she hadn’t even looked at her daughter.

Again, “No, ma’am, you won’t be talking to her.  I don’t know who she is, or where she is, but I assure you she will be dealt with.  I’m concerned with your daughter, my student.”

“Then I want to talk to her parents.  I need their number.  We’ll work this out after school, on our own turf.”

What?  Did I hear her correctly?  She really wants to work this out after school?

Dealing with this is way above my pay grade.

Just in time, an administrator at my door.  This mom just went on and on.  She even went so far as to say she has her girls back, will help her find the other student, will be there when they fight, one on one, just in case other girls jump in.

We expect kids to come to school, ready to learn, knowing how to act appropriately, and this is their role model.

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