A Perfect Day

Today has been one of the most relaxing, stress free, enjoyable days I’ve had.

M and I slept until 9:00,  something that’s very hard for me to do.  We went out for pastries, came home and had them with coffee.  Then we got back in bed.  So wonderful. We watched recorded Criminal Minds and Jeopardy, looked at our computers, planned our food for the week, read articles, and just enjoyed it.

M was done sitting around and ready to shower.  I was ready for a nap.  It was a tough week, it wore me out.  I slept for an hour and a half.  A damn good nap!  I really love to sleep.

We went to a new restaurant for dinner, an early dinner.   Yes, that much of the day had passed, doing nothing.  Dinner was fine, I’ll try the restaurant again, for breakfast or lunch.  The goat cheese crostini had too much greenery and too little cheese.  My fish tacos had far too much cabbage slaw.  M’s meal was delicious – shrimp and grits.  Smoked gouda and bacon grits.  Really good grits.  I didn’t try the shrimp, I didn’t care so much about it, but I could have bathed in the grits.

We went to Costco, 15 minutes before it closed, but zipped through.  I usually drink beer, but since it’s cold I’ve been drinking wine.  I tried two new bottles.  I’ve opened one, and it’s quite good.

Then, Tout Suite, for the best flat white and a double chocolate almond cookie.

Tout Suite flat white

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