Massage and Zion thoughts

Yesterday was another great Saturday.

Massages, stretching workshop, gourmet hot dogs, and this-

Caphin and cajeta milkshake.


There were many odd things that happened during the day, one was in between the massages and stretching workshop.  We had enough time to go for a little snack, to Zoe’s for some hummus and pita.  We were walking back to the car and we heard someone on the other side, “Help me.  Someone, please, help me.”  I saw the top of a head, through the windows of the car.  M and I were sure that someone was in need – had fallen, or was hurt.  I walked around the car and there was an older, heavy woman sitting on her walker seat, in the middle of the driveway to the parking lot.  Again, she asked for help.  Still sure she was hurt, I went over.  She told me that she had gotten out of the hospital and had to get the bus home, she needed about $2.50.  I gave her $5.  She stood up and pushed her walker along, at a pretty decent clip.

It was odd.

About five years ago my dad and step-mom went on a road trip, pulling their R.V.  They went from Utah to Missouri, over to the Carolinas, back West to Tennessee, and then to me in Texas.  My step-mom told me the story of my dad giving a man in North Carolina $20.  She wasn’t upset, but just beside herself that he gave someone that much money, which may have been used for beer, or drugs, or cigarettes, not for food or shelter.  My dad said, “Maybe that’s the case.  But, maybe he will use it for food. No matter what, he might be a little warmer.”  My dad is the most kind man I know.  He has a pure heart, is loving, giving, and sees the best in people.

I’m so glad I’ll see him in a few days.  And, now that I’m massaged, stretched, cortisone shot in my foot, I’ll be ready to go for a little hike in Zion.

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