I got my spirituality on

We went to Rothko Chapel. I don’t get it.  We went to “The Infinity Machine” installation at the Byzantine Fresco Chapel.  This was scary.  Yes, read the article, watch the video, and you think it looks great.  It’s not.  It’s scary.  I stayed, and tried not to let on, since M seemed to be enjoying it.  Someone dropped their keys in the foyer, I jumped about eight feet, and M suggested we leave.  She wasn’t feeling it either.

We walked on the University of St. Thomas campus, to the labyrinth.  Labyrinth’s are funny things to me.  It’s supposed to be this meditative, spiritual experience.  The first time M and I went I totally didn’t get it.  We walked the labyrinth, and I somehow managed to stay quiet, but I really didn’t see the purpose.  I was distracted by the cars, a child was running around making noise, there were too many bee’s…  Today I actually got a little thoughtful and meditative.


Walking the labyrinth, at first, all I was thinking about how long it was taking.  I was looking at things to take pictures of, wondering what was on the other side of some roses, just generally not present.  Then I thought about walking off.   Afterall, it’s not like it’s a corn maze and you can’t see through, some alarm is going to sound, or people are going to point and laugh because you didn’t make it.

But, I kept walking, I blocked out the car noise.  Other than one couple who walked by, all I heard was the water.  Other than a glimpse at M now and then, all I saw was the path. M and I were on the same path, but at different parts.  We met in the center.  We paused for a minute, looked around, talked a little.  She had started the walk in, so I started the walk out.

For me, walking the labyrinth is a lesson in many things – commitment, dedication, following through, following your heart.  It would have been simple to just walk away.

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