More from Happy Land

  1. Everyone smiles. Seriously people? Why are ya’ll so damn happy? It’s hot! It’s 106 degrees. Hot! Be grouchy. Like me.

2.  The streets are clean. People don’t liter.

3.  Not only is the parking lot at the hospital free, valet parking is free. Not only is it free,       if you just need to run in for 10 minutes they will leave your car right in the front.

4.  People walk and ride their bikes.

5.  If you are driving, these pedestrians and bike riders expect you to stop. Folks, you           aren’t in Portland.

6.  What’s up with the criss-cross street under the freeway.

Under the freeway, drive on the wrong side of the road.

Under the freeway, switch to the other side of the road.

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